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In 1982 Dennis Carrino was invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Ribs Cookoff in Cleveland and has held a high standard of taste and service ever since.  Dennis Carrino has 35 years in the food industry. His experiences include restaurant owner, chef and grill master of the National B.B.Q. Cooking Team Blazin Bronco. After 30 years in national competition, they have gained notoriety and a reputation for excellence. As a result, they are considered visionaries, and are consistently imitated, for their booth designs, marketing concepts, and BBQ food trailers. Blazin Bronco exemplifies the spirit of the National Rib Cook-offs and brings exciting new energy, recipes, and products to each event.




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Cowboys BBQ & Rib Co. is a nationally recognized award winning Bar-B-Que competition team with over 32 years of dreams and wisdom. Cowboy’s is operated out of Fort Worth TX by Enrique and Lauren Vega. Cowboys has won over 450 National Titles to date for “Best Ribs” “Best Sauce” “People’s Choice” and more. Cowboys is still traveling over 10,000 miles a year competing from Fargo ND, to Pittsburgh, PA and everyone in between.


The Legacy began 32 years ago when Dallas and Tahnya Green saw the need to feed. They were Texas natives, family oriented, and entrepreneurs at heart. Dallas, Tahnya and their 5 kids set off to find Dallas’s passion for cooking and to show the world the tradition of true Texas Barbeque. Cowboys started on the side of the road with a tarp, two by fours, a smoker, and a vision that couldn’t be stopped.

Enrique started to help Dallas when he was 11 years old and eventually became part of their family when he married Lauren, the Greens' daughter. Enrique and Lauren combined have over 20 years of knowledge in the BBQ industry. With fire in their hearts and wisdom in their bones they are a powerhouse couple and the forthcoming for bbq industry.


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In 1987, while searching for a used car in a trading magazine, Lee stumbled upon the personal ad of Donna. Their love grew and a marriage followed. With Lee's business background in fast food and Donna's home economics teaching background, another marriage in the form of Desperado's BBQ was formed.

From a small town south of Cleveland, Ohio they  traveled across the country winning award after award. Their awards include two times Best Ribs in American national titles including a $15,000 prize. They continue traveling across the country and have won first place in 28 different states. (Sorry, all states do not have this style of competitions/ festivals... yet)


Desperado's has won over 440 first place awards including Best Ribs and People's Choice Awards in the Best of the West Rib Cookoff in Reno/ Sparks, NV, Journal Star and People's Choice Awards in Lincoln, Nebraska, 10 time People's Choice Awards in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and 16 time Best Ribs, Sauce, or People's Choice Awards in Fort Wayne, Indiana, just to name a few. Desperado's BBQ has won first place for their pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and their chicken. Not only did they win first place for their meat items, but their manager, Brenda, has won first place for the macaroni and cheese which she names after her mother, Bessie. 

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